As we approach the Barrington Area April 2023 Board of Education Election, we thought it was
best to inform and remind the community how the Illinois Association of School Boards define
the function of the school board.

“To provide local citizens control over public education, representing the community and its
aspirations for its local schools.”

There is a difference in responsibilities for School Board vs. Superintendent/District staff.

A School Board:
– Provides governance
– Supports core values
– Drives mission and values
– Hits goals
– Votes on actions

A Superintendent/District Staff:
– Manage
– Create/drive objectives
– Defines action plans
– Develop procedures
– Recommends and implements

Three candidates for the April 2023 Barrington School District 220 Board of Education, Katey
Baldassano, Leonard Munson, and Matt Sheriff, bring a unique perspective and skill set to the
Board as they focus on the “3 R’s” for our community.

  • Restore an emphasis on excellence in education
  • Respect the rights and voice of parents in the community
  • Responsibly steward finances

These three candidates bring professional experience from the education, government, and
business worlds.

Most importantly, all three currently have children attending District 220 schools and have a
passion for education and their community.

Have your voice heard on or before April 4 th – and vote to Bring Back Barrington Academics and

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