“Out of fairness and consideration for parents who need to prepare, classes will be canceled again Monday,” the mayor tweeted.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot just declared that classes will again be canceled on Monday.

“Although we have been negotiating hard throughout the day, there has not been sufficient progress for us to predict a return to class tomorrow,” her official statement added. “We will continue to negotiate through the night and will provide an update if we have made substantial progress.”

Meanwhile, It does not appear CPS will buy the SHIELD saliva tests offered by the governor.

However, in a statement, a spokesperson said the district is “working to finalize the purchase” of 350,000 rapid antigen tests using “a variety of funds to cover the cost . . . starting with a CDC grant and then tapping other federal funds. The final cost has not yet been determined for this purchase of a combination of iHealth test kits and professional BinaxNow test kits.” 200,000 iHealth tests came from the SHIELD team, and 150,000 tests came from Abbott Laboratories, according to the governor’s office. 

The district has managed to test over 30,000 students and staff weekly. For the truncated school week of Jan. 2-8, 9% of those tested were positive. In the weeks before the winter holiday, that number was steadily under 1%.

CPS and the city are holding firm to their support for only seeking “explicit parental permission” to conduct on-site testing at schools, rather than asking parents to opt out, as the CTU wants. But they are working on an easier parental consent form and to get extra nurses and medical assistants to help administer tests at school.

In a Sunday afternoon statement sent before the mayor’s announcement, the union said it had been at the bargaining table for six months “asking for collaboration and well-thought-out mitigation strategies to keep students, families and educators safe. Regrettably, these requests have fallen upon deaf ears, resulting in attacks on teachers and a five-day lockout that has disrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands of students and families.”

“The union wants to reassure the parents and guardians of Chicago that we will remain at the bargaining table until we reach an agreement that will return us all to in-person learning safely and equitably.”