Communication to Action PAC Supporters

Thank you for your support during the recent April 6th election. We are grateful for your advocacy and look forward to driving outcomes in the next cycle and beyond. We are proud to share the successful results of our Suburban Action PAC. All of our candidates ran impactful campaigns with four out of seven elected and seated on the Barrington Library Board and the Barrington School District 220 board. As the Daily Herald noted, the two Action PAC candidates elected to the D-220 school board were the only non-union backed candidates to win in all of suburban Cook County.

As you know, Suburban Action PAC is a non-partisan citizens group inspired to advance education outcomes across our communities. Suburban Action PAC was created to give candidates an opportunity to partner and share resources to enable a run for local office. Too often candidates are overwhelmed by the process especially because the special interest groups are funding their chosen candidates. Thanks to you, and many others, Suburban Action PAC was able to provide support for our candidates.

Our activity in this past election was just the beginning. We could have done better with more time and resources. We are starting now to gear up for the next election. We want to encourage people to run for local office and reclaim elected positions from special interests. Can we count on you to send us a contribution and support our mission?

If you would like to make a contribution, please go to Our website has information on the candidates and outlines our mission to advance outcomes. We look forward to ensuring taxpayers funds are spent wisely, children are learning in the classroom and receiving best in class curriculums preparing our students for the future. Thank you for your kind consideration.


Suburban Action PAC

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