Barrington Village Trustee

ACTION PAC is proud to support Margot Dallstream for the April 2023 Barrington Village Trustee. Margot will be a great steward for the community — representing our shared values and doing what’s right for all stakeholders. She promises to:

  • Pursue Opportunities to Capitalize & Synergize the Expansive Resources & Services
  • Make Barrington a Great Place to Run a Business
  • Make Barrington a Great Place to Live, Work and Visit

As a member of the Board of Trustees she advocates to make Barrington a great place for the residents, business owners, and the visitors alike.

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Margot Dallstream

Margot and her husband, Greg, moved into a historic home in the Village of Barrington in 1998. They are proud to be raising their three daughters ranging in age from 16-21 in the Village of Barrington AND attending the same schools as Greg did while he was growing up in Barrington. Margot was born in Switzerland but moved to the United States at the age of 3 living in Glenview IL during her elementary school years and then in Lake Zurich IL during junior high and high school.

Margot obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing and enjoyed a diverse career in the group health insurance industry starting on the brokerage/agent side, working for an actuarial consulting firm, and culminating in working as a National Accounts account manager for Aetna. In that role, her responsibilities included negotiating renewals, discussing benefit plan changes, and proposing new lines of coverage to add, managing the implementation of the customers plans within Aetna systems AND supporting the clients by providing staff to participate in employee communication meetings. National Account customers often had several lines of coverage which were provided to thousands of employees across the country, and this required knowledge and communication of state specific laws on various health provisions. Throughout her career her work required strong attention to detail and the necessity of developing great working relationships externally with her clients’ HR Staff AND internally with numerous departments within Aetna who supported her clients.

As her kids grew up, Margot immersed herself in volunteering in a variety of capacities within the Barrington Community.
– While her children were at Hough Street Elementary School Margot was responsible for putting the school yearbook together and she implemented an app-based way to collect parent and teacher photos.
– Throughout their school years, Margot’s daughters have danced competitively through Bataille Academie of the Danse. In partnership with the studio director and dance teachers, Margot has developed a database to capture information about the 100+ dances and 400+ performers in the annual Spring Recital in order to provide time saving and stress minimizing tools to support dancers and parent volunteers who help backstage throughout the rehearsal week and the performances.
– When her children reached high school, Margot began to support BHS Band students through the Band Parent Group and remains in charge of Band Spiritwear, PR/social media and she is the Band’s liaison to the Fine Arts Boosters.

Additionally, Margot’s husband is self-employed as a machine vision engineer. For her husband’s business, she is responsible for managing the group benefit plan.

Margot is very committed to the Village of Barrington and views her strengths as being collaborative, able to learn complex subjects, being analytical and detail oriented, and an effective communicator. As a member of the board of trustees, she will advocate to make Barrington a great place for residents, business owners and visitors alike.

“As a fellow parent in the Barrington community, having witnessed Margot’s involvement in many aspects over the years, I have no doubt she would make an excellent Trustee. Margot will listen to and help identify key needs in this community & work collaboratively with colleagues to help solve our problems. I’m confident she will go above & beyond doing independent & thorough research to address the needs of Barrington.”



“I would like to endorse Margot Dallstream for Village of Barrington Trustee. I have worked with Margot in numerous volunteer positions for over ten years. As the Barrington High School Band Spirit Club President, I value Margot’s willingness to help out whenever needed, as well as her ability to take minimal direction to get things done. She is a trusted member of the Barrington High School Band Spirit Club, serving as liaison between the Fine Arts Boosters and the Band, Social Media Chair, and Spiritwear Chair. Her collaborative nature is extremely valuable in the positions she holds within the Spirit Club, as she must work with community members in different capacities in order to promote and support the Barrington High School Band. Margot’s integrity and dedication to her volunteer responsibilities makes her an extremely valued member of not only the Barrington High School Band Spirit Club, but to any organization to which she chooses to belong.”

Sue – BHS Band Spirit Club President


“My family moved to the Barrington area in mid-2017. I first met Margot Dallstream in 2021 in the context of a community-level meeting. My first impression of Margot was that she has a very articulate, calm-under-pressure presence that helps put others around her at ease. She also has a wonderful sense of humor that is very useful in defusing tension and bringing levity to complex issues and situations. I have since learned a great deal from Margot around community advocacy, involvement, speaking calmly and with respect, and the importance of laughter.

Since meeting Margot, we’ve become friends and I’ve learned quite a bit about her family. The Dallstreams are pillars of the Barrington community with multiple generations still locally rooted. Margot has seen and lived in the Barrington of the past, observed what’s worked and what hasn’t, and is attuned to the various interests of different facets of the community: political leadership, business owners, residents & taxpayers, and parents of school-age children. Sometimes, these interests are at odds. As a Village Trustee, Margot would be a Trustee who can see the common ground among all of these groups and is capable of effective collaboration to reach a solution workable for all.

Margot has worn several hats in her life as a corporate employee in the Healthcare industry, a District 220 parent, a Dance/Band/Theater mom, and volunteer. I have seen her rise to leadership roles in all of these capacities and provide immense value to every organization to which she’s committed herself. She manages the health plan for her husband’s business, she is active as a volunteer in her childrens’ schools, she has tremendous organizational skill and has put this to use in designing scalable tools for organizations that will outlast her involvement as a volunteer. I can imagine she will be able to put processes in place as a Trustee that will benefit the Barrington community long after her service.

If Margot is on your team, you can be assured that you have a committed individual with immense personal integrity, long experience as a community resident, and powerful collaborative analytical & organizational skills. I cannot think of a better person for Village Trustee than Margot Dallstream.”



“I have known Margot for 18 years as a parent, school volunteer, friend, and employee. In all of these roles, Margot has shown to me that she is a responsible, loyal, and organized individual. She has a deep love for the community and will go above and beyond to volunteer and help in whatever capacity is needed. 

When I started my small business, she was able to help me out by working at my front desk. She found time for me on the weekends even with her busy schedule of having her 3 daughters and helping with her husband’s business. Because of her great communication skills, organization, and reliability, I was able to build my practice. She was an asset to my business and all my parents loved her! 

She has great communication skills, is a good listener, and is a team player. As my employee, she would jump in and help in any way she could when she saw there was a need for help in the office. As a parent and friend, she is thoughtful, kind, and considerate.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Margot Dallstream and sincerely feel that she would be an asset to Barrington as our Village Trustee.”

Christine Poulos, MD – Back to Basics Pediatrics, SC


“I have known Margot and her family for more than ten years.  As neighbors and in the schools, I have seen firsthand the energy and dedication she puts in to support her kids and our community.  I’m sure that passion will extend to making the village a great place to live and do business.”

Dan Goitein


“I have known Margot Dallstream since the 7th grade.  Even in middle school and high school, Margot was focused, hardworking and dedicated to school and family.  While the years have passed, we are now neighbors and friends. Margot’s three daughters have all attended Bataille Academie of the Danse, which I direct. Margot has been supportive as a parent, but even more supportive of the program.  She offers to assist in any projects, oversee potential issues, and attends all of our dance events with enthusiasm. Margot developed a recital data base to use backstage and with our costumes and dance order.   With  over 300 performers , her creativity, along with her skillset has unburdened our process with efficiency.  Margot is kind, compassionate, smart, attentive and would be an asset to any organization, board or business.”

Dee Dee Johnson 


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