Early voting starts today for our local elections. After serving two years on the Board, I wanted to share some of what I have learned and clear up some misconceptions.
I believe the most important quality required of a school board member is the ability to contribute as a team member, engage in a ‘give and take’ of ideas, and arrive at a group consensus. These elections are nonpartisan, so finding a middle ground and compromising is preferred over a continuously divisive process of agreeing to disagree.
I believe it is imperative to represent the voice of the community. This was my main motivation in helping start Action PAC two years ago when I ran for the BOE.
Given the amount of misinformation that is being spread about Action PAC, I have been asked by many to share the truth of who is behind Action PAC, how it was formed, and how it is funded. Action PAC was formed by, and continues to be run by, local parents concerned our voices were not being heard. Action PAC is a group of parents, grandparents, and community members joining together as advocates for our children. Being an advocate for our children doesn’t make you an extremist, it makes you a good parent. Action PAC has always been completely transparent with their funding. The list of Action PAC contributions and contributors is publicly available information, feel free to check for yourself.https://www.illinoissunshine.org/committees/36395/
As someone who was supported in my BOE run by the parents that comprise Action PAC, I can say that my only “outside influences” – beyond my fellow Board members – are my three children attending D220 schools, parents of D220 students, and D220 community members.
As an active parent in our community, I feel this transparent communication is vital to helping me make informed decisions for whom I am charged to represent.
I am committed to putting our students first and working as a team with whomever is elected on April 4th, whether that be candidates running in a PAC, slate, or as an individual.
Take the time to research those running and the issues that affect our community, separate facts from accusations, decide who you feel should support the children of our community, and finally, please VOTE! Local elections have a shockingly low turnout and can be decided by a handful of ballots, every vote counts. Please engage and make your voice heard on April 4th!
Katie Karam – Barrington District 220 Board of Education Member
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